Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Leave a Job You Hate

There are a lot of reasons why people stay at jobs they hate. They are usually fear-
ful of something. I understand it's not easy to imagine just leaving, but you can leave
slowly. You can start your fantasy job part-time, while you're at your current one.

5 Excuses That Keep People At Jobs They Hate

What about health insurance?
You can obtain health insurance from an independent provider.You don't have to get
it through your workplace.

What if I can't find another job?
Go out and look for another job while you're at your current one. Go into businesses
that you believe you may enjoy working at, and drop your resume off.

My 401k is here.
OK, move your 401k to a bank. The people at the bank will tell you how to do it.

But I've been here for so long.
If you're not happy... it's time to go.

I can't do anything else.
Yes you can. Believe in yourself and try something new.

Believe in yourself.


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