Tuesday, August 11, 2020

If You're A Racist You Have Low Self-esteem

If you believe one skin color is superior to another you're 
wrong. If you've grown up being told that your race is 
smarter, more attractive, or better than another...you've
been lied to. If you put people down, because their color 
is different from yours you're a racist, and you have low

People with self-esteem don't put others down because
of their race, nation, or ethnicity. People with self-esteem
spread happiness, positivity, peace, and love. They don't
spread sadness, negativity, unrest, or hate.

If you're a racist you don't have to stay that way. Find 
people of other races to spend time with. Read about the
history of other nations, or watch documentaries about
the history of other ethnicities. When you let go of the
hate you will be more content and happier.