Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7 Ways to Simplify Your Life

1. Practice Patience 
    If you have time to be on your cellphone and watch hours of TV, you
    have time to be patient.

2. Control Your Reactions
    Keep in mind that when you're interacting with people you need to calm
    yourself down if you're someone that gets upset easily. The way you act
    could be the reason some people seem to treat you in a not so friendly

3. Abandon Your Fake Friend
    If you feel your friend is taking advantage of you that person is not a
    real friend.

4. Go Ahead and Get Something Over With That You've Been 
    This thing you need to do is just hanging over your head, and once you
    do what you need to do you will probably feel so much better.

5. Get Rid of at Least One Thing in Your Life That You Know Isn't
    Good For You 
    This could be a bad habit, an unhealthy food, a job you hate, or anything
    else that drains your joy.

6. Be an Optimistic Person
    Whether you believe it or not, the way you think greatly affects what
    happens to you. It also affects how people treat you. People can feel an
    optimistic vibe and a pessimistic one too.

7. Establish a Routine That Enables You to Start Your Day In a
    Positive Way
    If you're always late, try getting ready fifteen minutes earlier than you
    normally would. Also, if the internet or your cellphone is the problem,
    get ready first and then worry about looking at your electronics.