Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unrealistic Images

I hear about unrealistic images of people all the time and how they supposedly
hurt the self-esteem of young people. I don't believe this for a second. Young
people aren't dumb. They know that it takes a lot of work and photo editing
software to look flawless. Not much of what we see in pictures is real anyway.

If you are mentally hurt by the attractive seemingly perfect people that you see
on t.v., in magazines, and on the internet let me ask you this question... Would
you rather see unpleasing, repulsive, grotesque, homely, and nasty looking peo-
ple instead of attractive people?

Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Of The Worst Mirrors

In my blog post "5 Ways to Build Your Self-esteem Dream", I mention that you
should examine your face in the mirror. The purpose of this is so you'll realize
there's nothing wrong with your face, and that you look the way you should 

This might sound petty, but I always look better in my mirrors at home. I felt
like I had to mention 3 of the worst mirrors to examine your face in.

#1 Your car mirror
     Although you're surrounded by plenty of natural light in the car; the design
     of the mirror must be skewed.

#2 Any clothing store mirror
     When it comes to clothing stores I'm going to blame it on the lighting. I'm
      not sure if that's it, but that's what I think.

#3 The doctor's office mirror
      Sure...go ahead and glance in the mirror, but leave the examining to the doctor.

I like this mirror. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bra Straps and Dirty Bras

When did showing your bra straps become a fashion statement?

There was a time when women didn't want their bra straps to be exposed, but I
guess that time has passed. Women used to purchase a t-back, racerback, or a
t-strap bra for those little tank tops and camis that the ladies are wearing. Hey--
not anymore-- some women don't hesitate to show the world what color bra they
have on.

When did showing your cleavage along with your dirty bra become a

fashion statement?

I have nothing against cleavage, but I don't care to see cleavage and the front of a
dirty stretched out bra. This year it seems to be an epidemic. Every time I'm out in
public, I see at least one woman with cleavage wearing a stretched out dirty bra.
Please... cover that ugly bra up!