Monday, April 10, 2023

10 Ways to Feel Better About Life

10 Ways to Feel Better About Life

1. Create a morning routine where you have time to eat, and relax
    before leaving the house.

2. Walk in the sunshine, or set by a window where you can feel the
    sun on your skin.

3. If you have a job you hate, research how to get your dream job.
    Then you can see what steps you need to take to start a career 
     you'll enjoy.

4. Stop hanging around people who make you feel bad about 

5. Find something fun and creative to do.

6. Don't let TV shows interfere with your sleep. Your sleep is 
    more important than any TV show.
7. Don't let social media interfere with your sleep. Create a sleep
    routine and stick to it, so you won't be drained in the morning.
    There's NOTHING on social media worth losing sleep over.

8. Listen to uplifting music.

9. Unfollow people on social media who have negative posts.

10. Be grateful for the things you have that bring you joy.