Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Are You?

I know that "What are you?" is sort of an inappropriate question, but a lot of you
hear it. Although this question probably offends you ( I understand why), the next
time you hear "What are you?" try not to be offended and take it as a compliment.

You see, people are so used to just looking at someone and saying to themselves:
She's black. He's white. She's Hispanic. But when you don't seem to fit into any
category, peoples' curiosity simply gets the best of them, and that's when you hear
"What are you?" As rude as it sounds, these curious people are basically saying
you look different. This is a compliment in disguise. There are so many things in
this world that look different and beautiful at the same time. That's what you are...
so that makes you beautifully different.