Thursday, November 10, 2022

Are You Sending Out Positive Vibes?


When my son was a baby, strangers would say, "Oh she's so cute." or
"She's so pretty!" I would smile and say, "Thank you." I could've told
them it was a boy, but why do that? Always take a compliment with a 
smile. So imagine if I would've said, "It's a boy not a girl!" The posi-
tive vibe the stranger put out would've instantly turned into a negative

When people talk to you, what kind of vibes do you think you're send-
ing out? Do you have a positive attitude, or are you a dark cloud? 
Most of the time people will treat you according to how you approach
them...It's that simple.

I don't believe we should be pushovers, but being nice will take you
much farther than walking around with a negative attitude.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Do You Let People Use You?

Have you ever done something for someone, but it didn't feel right? 
Did you feel used? It's OK to help people, but sometimes helping 
turns into enabling. The more you enable someone the more they're 
gonna want from you. They will get as much out of you, and from you 
as long as you let them.

Are you confused if you're being used or not? When you help somebody
you should feel good about it, but if you're being used you will feel bad 
about it. If you start to feel bad about helping someone, that person has
probably crossed the line into the using category. It's time to stop being
an enabler for that user!

You can decide how to stop being used. You can either slowly stop 
helping them, or stop altogether. Either way, you have to stop letting
people drain you of your time and happiness.