Friday, July 6, 2012

Bra Straps and Dirty Bras

When did showing your bra straps become a fashion statement?

There was a time when women didn't want their bra straps to be exposed, but I
guess that time has passed. Women used to purchase a t-back, racerback, or a
t-strap bra for those little tank tops and camis that the ladies are wearing. Hey--
not anymore-- some women don't hesitate to show the world what color bra they
have on.

When did showing your cleavage along with your dirty bra become a

fashion statement?

I have nothing against cleavage, but I don't care to see cleavage and the front of a
dirty stretched out bra. This year it seems to be an epidemic. Every time I'm out in
public, I see at least one woman with cleavage wearing a stretched out dirty bra.
Please... cover that ugly bra up!

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