Monday, June 25, 2012

The Person I Never Want to Be

I never want to be the person who...

* Tries clothes on in the fitting room and leaves them there... inside out.
* Honks my horn in front of someone's house, because I'm too lazy to get out of
   the car.
* Cusses up a storm for no reason at all.
* Brags about what I have.
* Abuses anyone physically or verbally.
* Borrows a lot of stuff to avoid buying it myself.
* Parks on the wrong side of the street.
* Can't be trusted.
* Is always looking for drama.
* Sends out negative vibes.
* Buys an outfit, wears it, and then returns it to the store the next day.
* Is cruel to people or animals.
* Doesn't say 'please' and 'thank you.'
* Takes anger out on an innocent person.
* Is always late.
* Spends money on cable if I can't afford it.
* Is unorganized.
* Puts people down.
* Is jealous.
* Throws trash on the ground.
* Never tries to improve and learn something new each day.

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