Monday, June 25, 2012

The Person I Never Want to Be

I never want to be the person who...

* Tries clothes on in the fitting room and leaves them there... inside out.
* Honks my horn in front of someone's house, because I'm too lazy to get out of
   the car.
* Cusses up a storm for no reason at all.
* Brags about what I have.
* Abuses anyone physically or verbally.
* Borrows a lot of stuff to avoid buying it myself.
* Parks on the wrong side of the street.
* Can't be trusted.
* Is always looking for drama.
* Sends out negative vibes.
* Buys an outfit, wears it, and then returns it to the store the next day.
* Is cruel to people or animals.
* Doesn't say 'please' and 'thank you.'
* Takes anger out on an innocent person.
* Is always late.
* Spends money on cable if I can't afford it.
* Is unorganized.
* Puts people down.
* Is jealous.
* Throws trash on the ground.
* Never tries to improve and learn something new each day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Negative T-shirts

I don't understand why some people wear negative t-shirts. Yesterday, I saw a
woman wearing a shirt that read "If you can't buy happiness steal it." I wondered...
How do you steal happiness? Do you steal items to be happy, or do you make
someone else unhappy as a way of stealing their happiness, therefore somehow
turning it into joy?

Wearing a negative t-shirt is like broadcasting to the world that you're a negative
person. I wonder why someone would wear a shirt that clearly tells everyone that
they're unhappy? I try to stay away from negative people, especially when it's
written all over his or her shirt.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Compliments List

Do you have a compliments list? This is a list of compliments that you have received.
I started my list to build my confidence up and it helped a lot. I use to read it over
and over again, until I got to the point where I finally didn't need my list anymore.
You should pay attention to the positive things that people tell you, and don't be
one of those people who says to themselves, "I know they're lying to me." When
someone gives you a compliment take it as the truth. Don't assume that it isn't true
and from the heart.

Plain and simple...write down every compliment that you get, and you'll build up
your self-esteem in no time.

Compliments List