Tuesday, August 11, 2020

If You're A Racist You Have Low Self-esteem

If you believe one skin color is superior to another you're 
wrong. If you've grown up being told that your race is 
smarter, more attractive, or better than another...you've
been lied to. If you put people down, because their color 
is different from yours you're a racist, and you have low

People with self-esteem don't put others down because
of their race, nation, or ethnicity. People with self-esteem
spread happiness, positivity, peace, and love. They don't
spread sadness, negativity, unreast, or hate.

If you're a racist you don't have to stay that way. Find 
people of other races to spend time with. Read about the
history of other nations, or watch documentaries about
the history of other ethnicities. When you let go of the
hate you will be more content and happier.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Are People Taking Advantage of You?

There is nothing wrong with helping someone, but when you start to feel the
help has gone to far, that's when you know someone is taking advantage of 

I know a man who started driving for Uber, so he could pay off his large medi-
cal bills. When he told his mom he was driving for Uber, she started asking 
him for money. She asked him to pay some of her bills too, and she knew
about his financial issues.

I also know a woman who started dating a guy she met online, and not long 
after they met, he talked her into getting a credit card. Once she got the credit 
card, she charged some stuff for him: a game system, games, and even a 
cellphone. They didn't last long after that. He got what he wanted and she's left 
with the debt.

How do you keep people from taking advantage of you?...

  • Say no
          Even if you feel guilty say no, because what that person is requesting
          isn't good for you, it's only good for them.

  • Do a small favor that won't hurt you.
          If you do something small for someone test them out to see if it was
          a one time thing. If after the small favor they want more and more, it's
          time to say "no" to them too.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

When Someone Turns On You

What should you do when someone you're related to (or close to) turns on
you? First of all, you must realize that when someone turns on you that
does not give you permission to turn on yourself. You're still important.
You're still lovable. You're still valuable.

If you think for a moment...I bet there are some positive people you can
turn to. It can be anyone you trust who always has a positive attitude
towards you. Tell them what's going on and you'll feel better; they may
even be able to help you.

When things aren't going right, this isn't the time to give up. This is when
you need to work extra hard to lift yourself up and ask for help if you need

Monday, March 11, 2019

5 Things You Need to Stop Worrying About

I think we all worry a little more than we should. Wouldn't be wonderful
if we could eliminate at least some of our worries?

5 Things You Need to Stop Worrying About

1. Your cellphone's notification noises
    Ding...click...smack...There is no way you can focus on anything but
    your cellphone when it's making all of those noises. Whatever's going
    on with the phone, will be going on later. Your cellphone cannot be
    your life. In fact, it's why a lot of people don't have a life. Just turn the
    cellphone notifications off.

2. Wearing only name brand or designer clothing
    When you're buying clothes you need to pay more attention to the style
     that you like to wear, and what the clothes are actually made of. Most
     people that concentrate on wearing only name brand clothes have low
     self-esteem, and you don't want to be like that. Clothes don't make you
     who you are your personality does.

3. What other people have
     Don't worry about what other people have, because I guarantee you
     a lot of those people have something going on in their lives that you
     want no part of. You've got to focus on improving yourself and your

4. Being in everybody's business 
    There's nothing wrong with talking to some people about what's going
    on in their lives, but when you get to the point that the talking never
    seems to end, and it's affecting your life it's time to get away from their
    drama filled lives.

5. Facebook
    When was the last time you were on Facebook and it improved your
     life? Facebook is good for finding long lost family members, but
     that's about it. You're more likely to find out someone's political
     views, see a dumb video, see someone bragging about what they
     have, where they went, or who they're mad at. This is why I don't
     have Facebook.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Life You Desire

When I was younger, I wanted to do a lot of things: sing, act, dance,
gymnastics, and so much more. But guess what?...I did none of them.
My low self-esteem held me back. I was scared of what people would
do if they saw me. Would they laugh? Would I get booed off stage? I
was afraid I wouldn't be good enough. I think about this now, and I
wish I had tried at least one of those activities. I also wish someone
had encouraged me to try something that I really wanted to do, even
though I was fearful.

If you're scared, I want to encourage you to follow at least one of your
dreams. Tell yourself that you can be what you want to be, and don't
worry about how people will react. How can you ever be happy if you
are constantly worrying about what other people will say, feel, or think?
It's your responsibility to choose activities that will lift you up in a pos-
itive way. Even if you're not the best at something, the fact that you tried
may lead you to the life you desire.