Thursday, November 10, 2022

Are You Sending Out Positive Vibes?


When my son was a baby, strangers would say, "Oh she's so cute." or
"She's so pretty!" I would smile and say, "Thank you." I could've told
them it was a boy, but why do that? Always take a compliment with a 
smile. So imagine if I would've said, "It's a boy not a girl!" The posi-
tive vibe the stranger put out would've instantly turned into a negative

When people talk to you, what kind of vibes do you think you're send-
ing out? Do you have a positive attitude, or are you a dark cloud? 
Most of the time people will treat you according to how you approach
them...It's that simple.

I don't believe we should be pushovers, but being nice will take you
much farther than walking around with a negative attitude.