Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Talent Is Valuable

The work of a talented man I know.

I know a man that has been doing photo restoration for over 10 years. He says
it's fun and he never asks for money. Payment for his work is in the form of printer
paper or ink. I keep asking him,"If it's so much fun why don't you get paid for it?"
He gives me excuses. He says he doesn't want to be on a time schedule. OK, but
that can't be true because he works part-time at a job that isn't bringing him joy. He
has to clock in and out and that is a time schedule. He says he doesn't know what
to charge. He just needs to investigate it. I think he's scared. I also think he's very
talented, and he doesn't realize what he does for fun, paper, and ink is truly valuable.
There are people out there willing to pay him for his work.

Are you doing something for fun that could be valuable to someone else?