Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Are People Taking Advantage of You?

There is nothing wrong with helping someone, but when you start to feel the
help has gone to far, that's when you know someone is taking advantage of 

I know a man who started driving for Uber, so he could pay off his large medi-
cal bills. When he told his mom he was driving for Uber, she started asking 
him for money. She asked him to pay some of her bills too, and she knew
about his financial issues.

I also know a woman who started dating a guy she met online, and not long 
after they met, he talked her into getting a credit card. Once she got the credit 
card, she charged some stuff for him: a game system, games, and even a 
cellphone. They didn't last long after that. He got what he wanted and she's left 
with the debt.

How do you keep people from taking advantage of you?...

  • Say no
          Even if you feel guilty say no, because what that person is requesting
          isn't good for you, it's only good for them.

  • Do a small favor that won't hurt you.
          If you do something small for someone test them out to see if it was
          a one time thing. If after the small favor they want more and more, it's
          time to say "no" to them too.