Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love Rejection

If someone no longer wants to be with you, be glad
that you know. Now, you can find someone to love
you who deserves your love. Even though at this
moment your heart and spirit may be broken, you'll
fall in and out of love many times, and learn valuable
lessons from each relationship. It's OK to cry and
feel sorry for yourself for a little while, but you have
to keep going. You need to do activities that will
take your mind off of your broken heart.

Activities That Can Help Soothe a Love Rejection

  • Eat chocolate
  • Call a friend
  • Go see a friend
  • Draw
  • Write
  • Watch a comedy
  • Help someone in need
  • Go out dancing
  • Get a pet
  • Go shopping (with cash only)
  • Take a walk on a sunny day
  • Read a book you wouldn't normally read
  • Start an indoor or outdoor garden
  • Have a picnic in the park with a friend
  • Drink a cup of hot tea 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cell Phone Addiction

One day I was talking to a co-worker in the break
room, and she said she finds it awkward to talk to
people on the phone. She told me she'd rather text.
I said, "Are you serious?"

It's so sad that so many people have become comfort-
able with not having real conversations. It's hard to
learn good communication skills if you're always staring
down at your cell phone,playing a silly game,or texting words that aren't actual words.
I'm not a cell phone hater, but I hate what cell phones have done to some people. I
see babies playing and sucking on cell phones. Parents...your baby or toddler does
not need a cell phone! Your child needs a parent to communicate with while you
are both out and about. Your child should be looking around at his or her environ-
ment, not playing with your dirty cell phone.

If you have a cell phone addiction try putting it up for a little while and:

  • Have a face to face conversation with someone.
  • Look someone in the eye and say 'Hi.'
  • Talk to your child while you are both out and about.