Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cell Phone Addiction

One day I was talking to a co-worker in the break
room, and she said she finds it awkward to talk to
people on the phone. She told me she'd rather text.
I said, "Are you serious?"

It's so sad that so many people have become comfort-
able with not having real conversations. It's hard to
learn good communication skills if you're always staring
down at your cell phone,playing a silly game,or texting words that aren't actual words.
I'm not a cell phone hater, but I hate what cell phones have done to some people. I
see babies playing and sucking on cell phones. Parents...your baby or toddler does
not need a cell phone! Your child needs a parent to communicate with while you
are both out and about. Your child should be looking around at his or her environ-
ment, not playing with your dirty cell phone.

If you have a cell phone addiction try putting it up for a little while and:

  • Have a face to face conversation with someone.
  • Look someone in the eye and say 'Hi.'
  • Talk to your child while you are both out and about.

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