Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don't Let Criticism Crush You

Criticism can sometimes be hard to handle. I remember
being humiliated by my 5th grade teacher. I was wearing
hot pink lipstick and I thought I was looking good. My
teacher, Ms. Rowady, yelled at me during class and said
none of us were going to lunch until I wiped off my lipstick.
I didn't wear lipstick for about five years after that.

All criticism isn't bad though. Some criticism is meant to help you. When your 
teacher tells you to fix your misspellings, this is meant to help you. If your boss
tells you to fix something that you didn't do properly. When your mom tells you
that you look a little heavy because she's worried about your health. These kinds
of constructive criticisms may bother you a little, but sometimes you need to hear
hurtful advice from a caring person.

Criticism that is meant to upset you should be ignored. Someone that criticizes  
for meanness usually doesn't like themself. Don't let someone's self-hate rub off
on you. Don't let criticism crush you.