Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Charismatic in your ways
Ongoing improvements in your life
Never giving up on your dreams
Finding ways to be fearless
Investing time in yourself and others
Deciding to live a positive life
Each day is a day to cherish 
Needing to experience new things
Charismatic because you know yourself
Eager to feel the sun on your skin


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Negative and Positive Social Networking

I recently closed one of my social networking website accounts, because the web-
site was too negative. I felt like I was in a bad place every time I went there. I saw
a lot of rude and demeaning comments toward other people; the comments were
on a general page that anyone could see. 

I also joined  a social networking website that I really like, and it's called Pinterest.
Pinterest has a cheerful environment with a lot of pretty pictures and positive com-
ments. On Pinterest you're praised and enlightened, not criticized and degraded.

If you're on a social networking website that leaves you feeling unwanted, sad, or

Leave negative websites.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Time For Yourself

I was talking to one of my co-workers today, and she told me she feels as if she's
being "pulled like a rubber band." There are a lot of people in her life wanting her
to do things for them. I told her she should make sure that she gets at least an hour
a day for herself. I also suggested that she set a timer and tell her (lazy) husband
that this is her time.

You have to make time for yourself because...

You deserve it.
You will feel better.
You will think more clearly.

Remember...an hour a day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Communicating with Negative Co-workers

More than 95% of the time, I can get along with negative co-workers. I try to
observe them, and talk to them, to figure out why they're so negative. I let them do
most of the talking, because what they say is valuable information as to what their
real problem is. Talk to your co-workers about positive things like: how nice it is
outside, a good restaurant they could go to, or give them a compliment. The key
here is not to let these people make you negative too.

negative co-worker

Friday, February 10, 2012

Self-esteem & Organization

I believe that self-esteem and being organized go hand-in-hand. The more organ-
ized I am, the better I feel. Being disorganized makes me feel scattered and un-
prepared. These are 4 things you can do to be more organized and feel better.

1. Make an Errands List
    When you have several errands to run, write down every stop that you need to
    make. This ensures that you don't leave an errand out. It's not fun to get home
    and realize that you forgot to do something.

2. Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before
    If you don't do it... start doing it. Save the stress of looking for an outfit, plus
    you'll save yourself a lot of time. Use that extra time to eat breakfast, fix your
    hair, or put on some makeup.

3. If You Set an Alarm...
    Get up when the alarm goes off. Don't hit snooze, and don't turn it off and lie back
4. Be On Time
    You know how long it takes to get ready. Allow for plenty of "get ready time." 
    Also allow for drive, walk, bike, or bus time. Being late is not only rude, but it
    makes you look bad too.

Time to organize

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blame Game

I hear a lot of people blaming others for their misfortunes. It's odd that they don't
see-- they are the blame. Here's a little poem.

Blame Yourself

If you're broke don't smoke.
Having cable puts no food on the table.
Don't own a dog if you can't afford hog.
Your outfit is nice, but you can't even buy rice.
Is it worth it to starve for a flashy new car?
Hair and nails done, but no shoes for your son.
Your rent-to-own TV you really don't need.
If I made you mad oh boy am I glad.
Maybe you'll change your ways
And have a future with better days.

Blame Game