Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Tips to Change Your World

Is your world the way you want it to be? I'm not talking about the entire world, I'm
talking about your life. If there's something that you want to do (even if you don't
believe it's possible) you should read about it. Try to do what you think is impos-
sible. I've got tips to encourage you to change your world.

1.  Receive emails from websites that cover the topics of your interest. 
     I get emails about hair, coupons, recipes, etc.

2.  Create an email account for the topic of your choice.
     I created a email account strictly for the topic of writing. So every email that
     I receive in that account is about writing and writing only. If it wasn't for my
     writing email account I wouldn't have started this blog. I read about blogging
     a year before I created one.

3.  Read a book about what excites you. 
     Every book you read will make you a little bit smarter.

4.  Listen to music that you wouldn't normally listen to.
     If you love country, listen to rap. If you love rap, listen to country. Rap and
     country are closely related because they are both full of poetry.
5.  Tell other people about your interests.
     They might be interested in the same thing or they may know someone who
     could help you change your world.