Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brand Name Clothing Vs. No-Name Clothing

Personally, I don't care about brand name clothing. As long as I can find the item         
that I'm looking for, it's really unimportant if it's a brand name.

When I was younger, my mother and my Aunt Tini used to make a lot of my
clothes. I never remember wishing they were a brand name. As I got older, they
stopped making me clothes, and I found myself wanting to wear what I liked at
the store regardless of the brand. I noticed that no-name clothing was not only
cheaper, but it looked like the brand name clothing. Being able to buy more, was
more important, than buying an item strictly because I wanted someone to see
what brand I was wearing. When buying clothes, you should always read the tag
to see what it's made of, and how to properly wash and dry the item.

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