Friday, January 6, 2012

3 Ways to Save Your Self-esteem

1. Don't Dodge Compliments
    When someone tells you that they like your hair say "Thank you." Don't say
    "Really, I didn't even wash it today." Don't dodge that compliment! If someone
     likes your shirt don't tell them it's old, just say "Thank you."

2. Don't Point Out Your Flaws
    So you wake up and there's a huge pimple on your face. I know it's hard to
    ignore, but try to. Please don't call more attention to it by asking someone if
    they noticed it. Well... if they didn't see it before, they definitely see it now.

3. Don't Let People Put You Down
    If you have a "friend" that criticizes you, that person is not your friend. A friend
    should lift you up, not bring you down. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who
    criticizes you, break up with them now.

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