Monday, January 23, 2012

Advice for My Former Self

I found some of my old writing the other day --and after reading through it-- I
realized that I had forgotten how extremely insecure I was. 

This is some advice I would've given my former self:

Walk slower and get to know people.
I used to walk really fast, so people wouldn't see me. I'm sure that I appeared as if
I was too busy, or didn't want to socialize. Being afraid to talk to people only hurt

If people are laughing...
it doesn't mean they're laughing at you. 
You probably just came in at the end of a conversation, or maybe someone just 
told a funny joke.

Your hair will grow back.
I had too many chemicals put on my hair and a lot of my hair fell out. At the time,
it was very devastating to me. I could have worn a wig, but I didn't. Hair grows
and if it doesn't... wear a wig. I own 13 wigs and 4 hair pieces.

Don't cover your mouth when you laugh.
No matter what your mouth looks like, people have already seen how it looks.

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