Thursday, August 3, 2017

Social Media Danger

Everybody knows that safety is an issue when it comes to being online, but
now that you can be live on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, I think
safety is even more of an issue...especially for young people.

Sure, there are some adults that shouldn't be live, but when you're young,
you're live, and people know your location, you're putting yourself in some
major danger. Keep in mind young people, it's not only your friends who
are watching your videos. Bad people may be turned on by you. They may
want to find you. They may want to talk you into meeting them somewhere.
Prancing around showing off your body for likes and followers could end
up putting you in a dangerous situation.

Parents...Do you know if your child is making live videos? You need to
find out. We all need to try our best to keep ourselves and our loved ones

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