Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6 Attractive Qualities That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

It seems like too many articles focus on how we look. There's always advice
on how to be wrinkle-free, how to style your hair, and how to make your nail
polish last longer. But what about being attractive from the inside? That's
also important.

How many times have you been attracted to someone from the outside, but
once you got to know them they were ugly from the inside?

If someone that you're interested in doesn't have all of these attractive qual-
ities, I'd turn my eyes in another direction.

Six Attractive Qualities That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

You need someone in your life who is...

1. Respectful
    There's no excuse for someone to disrespect you.

2. Ethical 
    If someone has no morals you're setting yourself up for heartbreak.

3. Cheerful
    No one is happy all the time, but someone should be in a good mood
    most of the time.

4. Reliable 
    Someone who is unreliable isn't going to improve your life.

5. Trustworthy
    As soon as you realize you can't trust someone don't invest anymore of
    your time into her/him.

6. Productive
    Let's see...So if all day all this person does is play video games, lie on
    the couch, or run the streets they're obviously not being productive.

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