Monday, April 25, 2016

Did You Wake Up Happy?

When you woke up today did you have a positive attitude? Did you decide
that you were going to be as productive as possible? Or did you wake up
feeling lost with a negative attitude?

If you woke up unhappy, talk to a positive person who can give you some
friendly advice. Every day you should have at least one thing to look forward
to. It can be anything. Find something that is a guarantee that your morning
will start off in a good way.

When I begin my day I can't wait to eat my potato chips, cashews, and
drink my hot tea. Yes, this is a normal breakfast for me. After that, I feel
like I'm ready to begin my day. The point is, you need to find something
that makes you look forward to a new day. Find a positive purpose for
each day. Maybe you could smile more than you normally do. You could
even decide to be less judgemental about yourself and others. Perhaps
you should switch jobs to feel happy. Whatever you do, make sure that it
is positive and it improves your mindset.

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