Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Destructive Decisions

1.  Expecting bad things to happen
     If you expect bad things to happen they will happen. Like when you wake
     up late for work and you say "This is gonna be a bad day." Don't think that
     way, because it's not necessarily true. One bad thing happening at the begin-
     ning of your day does not mean the rest of your day will not go well.

2.  Hanging around unhappy people
     If you're hanging around unhappy people their unhappiness can rub off on
     you. Go find some happy people to spend your time with.

3.  Not leaving any time for yourself
     You have to to leave some time for yourself, because if you don't you'll
      feel the consequences. Doing everything you have to do, and not doing
      anything you want to do, will make you feel unhappy and empty inside.

4.  Drinking energy drinks as a substitute for eating
     Some people believe if they drink energy drinks all day, they can get away
     with not eating real food. Please don't do this to yourself. It's not healthy
     and you'll end up feeling like crap.

5.  Drinking energy drinks as a substitute for sleeping
     Your body knows the difference between an energy drink and real sleep.
     No one can last very long on this routine. If you don't get enough sleep you'll
     be forgetful, cranky, and unhealthy.

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