Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Losing Your Temper

Several years ago, I was so upset that I took my anger out on one of my
mother's house plants. I saw the potted plant on the floor, kicked it over,
and stomped the entire thing--dirt and all-- into the carpet. I had lost my

I wasn't upset at my mom or the plant, I was upset with myself. I hated who
I was. I didn't like my hair, my school, or even the color of my skin. Plus, I
didn't have any friends, so I was very lonely. I didn't know anyone who was
as unhappy as me. I started this blog so I could help the people that feel as
sad as I once was.

When you don't like who you are you're more likely to lose your temper. If
you lose your temper quite often ask yourself this question: "Do I like who I
am?" If the answer is 'no' you must find a way to be happy, because when
you become a happier person you will be less likely to lose your temper. 

My blog post 5 Ways to Build Your Self-esteem Dream, is a good place to
start if you want to like yourself.

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