Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Reasons to Be Confident

1. You'll Make Better Decisions
      When you believe in yourself it's easier to figure out what you should or
      shouldn't do. You also won't worry as much about what other people
      might think of you. When you have confidence, you won't feel like you
      always need someone's approval.

2. You'll Be Nicer
     If you're confident you'll have a more positive attitude and you'll be less
     likely to put other people down. If you put people down all the time you're
     hurting yourself. No one will trust you or want to be around you.

3. You'll Be More Resilient
      You won't let petty situations or petty people upset you. A weak-minded
      and unhappy person can easily be rattled.

4. You'll Feel Good
     When you're happy with yourself life is so much easier, because you see
     things from a more positive point of view. If you don't feel good about
     yourself someone may think you can easily be taken advantage of due to
     your lack of confidence.

5. You'll Look Good
      When you're confident you look better because you smile more. No one
      wants to be around you if you always have a frown on your face.

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