Monday, September 17, 2012


There are different types of self-consciousness. There is the type when it's one part
of you that you're self-conscious about, the type when you're self-conscious about
almost everything about yourself, and the type when you feel as if someone is always
watching you or judging you.

Self-Conscious About One Thing 
When I was about twelve, I noticed my oily nose. This bothered me so much that I'd
constantly be applying some sort of oil absorber on my nose. I'm still self-conscious
about it, but I'm not obsessed with my oily nose the way I used to be.

Self-Conscious About Multiple Things
At one time I was also self-conscious about my teeth, my hair, how my breasts didn't
seem to be getting big enough...I could go on and on. You shouldn't worry too much
about things that you can't control like how fast your hair grows or how big your
breasts should be.   

Self-Conscious About What Other People Think 
of You
Do you always feel as if someone is watching you or judging you? Someone probably
is, but you can't constantly worry about it. When someone is looking at you it's not
always a bad thing. 
This person may..  *think you're attractive.
                            *like what you're wearing.
                            *want to ask you out.
                            *think you look familiar.
                            *wonder who you are or what your name is.

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