Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Life You Desire

When I was younger, I wanted to do a lot of things: sing, act, dance,
gymnastics, and so much more. But guess what?...I did none of them.
My low self-esteem held me back. I was scared of what people would
do if they saw me. Would they laugh? Would I get booed off stage? I
was afraid I wouldn't be good enough. I think about this now, and I
wish I had tried at least one of those activities. I also wish someone
had encouraged me to try something that I really wanted to do, even
though I was fearful.

If you're scared, I want to encourage you to follow at least one of your
dreams. Tell yourself that you can be what you want to be, and don't
worry about how people will react. How can you ever be happy if you
are constantly worrying about what other people will say, feel, or think?
It's your responsibility to choose activities that will lift you up in a pos-
itive way. Even if you're not the best at something, the fact that you tried
may lead you to the life you desire.

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