Monday, December 31, 2012

Secret Relationship

I remember liking a white boy and he liked me too, but he said
we could 'go together' if I didn't tell anyone. I was very hurt. It
made no sense to me to be his girlfriend in secret. He didn't
want anyone to know he had a black girlfriend. After that day,
I decided I couldn't be with anyone who was ashamed of me.

You never know where a secret relationship may lead you. I
know a man who thought he had a secret relationship. He met
a girl and he didn't find her attractive, but he thought he'd use
her for sex. A few weeks later he had a baby on the way.

If someone you are dating wants to keep your relationship a secret, that's not a
good sign. He may be embarrassed to be seen with you, or he may have some-
thing to hide. The person you have a relationship with should be excited and
proud to be seen with you. A secret relationship will probably hurt you, because
he may never tell anyone about you, or he may be planning to drop you like a
hot potato.

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