Monday, April 30, 2012

Be Honest

Have you ever given someone your number, or met someone that you liked, but
then you realized that you only have "friend feelings" for them? Sometimes it's
hard to tell that person how you really feel, but you have to, or you'll both be

One day, a guy came to my house and he wanted to kiss me. I told him that I
only kissed at night, and he believed me. He came back that night, so I had to
be honest. I told him I only had friend feelings for him, and he didn't bother me

I know a girl who gave her number to a guy, and he called her for 15 years. She
was tired of him calling her, but she wouldn't say a word. The only reason he
stopped calling, was because she moved to another location.

You deserve to not be bothered by someone that you don't want, and the other
person deserves to know how you really feel.

Be Honest

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