Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Benefits of Confidence

The Benefits of Confidence

Capable of accomplishing greatness
Open-minded and curious 
Nothing gets in the way of your goals
Facing your fears with courage
Identifying your strengths 
Decreasing negative thoughts
Elegant with your words
Never put yourself down
Carry yourself with pride
Eliminate self-doubt

Monday, February 20, 2017

When You Have Low Self-Esteem

I can remember it like yesterday...the way it felt to have low self-esteem. I
would sometimes stare into the mirror and cry. I felt unlovable and unhappy.
I felt useless and ugly. I felt jealous and I was hateful. That's what low self-
esteem feels like. Although some people have enough self-esteem to fill a
room, many people do not. There are people who feel as if they have no
reason for being here...no reason for living. It's sad and it's scary to feel
this way. No one should suffer like this.

If you're feeling sad and hopeless you don't have to continue to feel this
way. There are people out there who care about you and love you. There
are people who can help you, if you only let them know that you're in need
of help. Don't let another day pass when you simply hide your pain, as you
slowly drift away into more sadness and loneliness. Reach out to someone
that you trust and explain the way you've been feeling. Tell this person that
you believe he/she can somehow show you how to feel better about yourself.

Monday, November 21, 2016

21 Ways to Feel Happier

1. Don't let people use you.

2. Ignore the haters.

3. Seek out positive people.

4. Create a goal that you want to reach, and after you reach it,
    create another goal.

5. Don't be jealous of anyone, because nobody has it all.

6. Try to live an organized life.

7. Smile even when you don't want to.

8. If you're shy force yourself to socialize more.

9. Focus on your strengths. 

10. Turn your hobby into a money maker.

11. Be polite when you encounter a rude person.

12. Do what you need to do... before you do what you want to do.

13. Don't pursue someone that does not want to be pursued.

14. Abandon your fake friends.

15. Be more optimistic. 

16. Try a new hairstyle or hair color.

17. Decide you're going to live a positive life.

18. Learn what it will take to begin the career of your dreams.

19. Don't let people talk you into doing bad things. 

20. Read a self-help book.

21. Take a walk in the sunshine.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Do You Know the Real You?

Sometimes I see people and I wonder if they know who they really are. If
you're someone who constantly needs the approval of someone else, you're
too dependent on other people's opinions of you.

Do you always agonize over what to wear? Do you endlessly worry about
getting a lot of likes on social media? When meeting new people, are you
afraid they won't like you?

You can't always wonder what people are thinking about you. When you
step out of your house, anyone who sees you is going to think something
about you, and that's their opinion. What's the opinion that you have of

If you feel like you don't know who you are make it a goal to find out.
Try to focus more on what makes you happy by not worrying so much
about what other people might think about you. Until you decide to be
the real version of yourself, others will decide for you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6 Attractive Qualities That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

It seems like too many articles focus on how we look. There's always advice
on how to be wrinkle-free, how to style your hair, and how to make your nail
polish last longer. But what about being attractive from the inside? That's
also important.

How many times have you been attracted to someone from the outside, but
once you got to know them they were ugly from the inside?

If someone that you're interested in doesn't have all of these attractive qual-
ities, I'd turn my eyes in another direction.

Six Attractive Qualities That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

You need someone in your life who is...

1. Respectful
    There's no excuse for someone to disrespect you.

2. Ethical 
    If someone has no morals you're setting yourself up for heartbreak.

3. Cheerful
    No one is happy all the time, but someone should be in a good mood
    most of the time.

4. Reliable 
    Someone who is unreliable isn't going to improve your life.

5. Trustworthy
    As soon as you realize you can't trust someone don't invest anymore of
    your time into her/him.

6. Productive
    Let's see...So if all day all this person does is play video games, lie on
    the couch, or run the streets they're obviously not being productive.