Friday, September 23, 2016

Do You Know the Real You?

Sometimes I see people and I wonder if they know who they really are. If
you're someone who constantly needs the approval of someone else, you're
too dependent on other people's opinions of you.

Do you always agonize over what to wear? Do you endlessly worry about
getting a lot of likes on social media? When meeting new people, are you
afraid they won't like you?

You can't always wonder what people are thinking about you. When you
step out of your house, anyone who sees you is going to think something
about you, and that's their opinion. What's the opinion that you have of

If you feel like you don't know who you are make it a goal to find out.
Try to focus more on what makes you happy by not worrying so much
about what other people might think about you. Until you decide to be
the real version of yourself, others will decide for you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6 Attractive Qualities That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

It seems like too many articles focus on how we look. There's always advice
on how to be wrinkle-free, how to style your hair, and how to make your nail
polish last longer. But what about being attractive from the inside? That's
also important.

How many times have you been attracted to someone from the outside, but
once you got to know them they were ugly from the inside?

If someone that you're interested in doesn't have all of these attractive qual-
ities, I'd turn my eyes in another direction.

Six Attractive Qualities That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

You need someone in your life who is...

1. Respectful
    There's no excuse for someone to disrespect you.

2. Ethical 
    If someone has no morals you're setting yourself up for heartbreak.

3. Cheerful
    No one is happy all the time, but someone should be in a good mood
    most of the time.

4. Reliable 
    Someone who is unreliable isn't going to improve your life.

5. Trustworthy
    As soon as you realize you can't trust someone don't invest anymore of
    your time into her/him.

6. Productive
    Let's see...So if all day all this person does is play video games, lie on
    the couch, or run the streets they're obviously not being productive.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Did You Wake Up Happy?

When you woke up today did you have a positive attitude? Did you decide
that you were going to be as productive as possible? Or did you wake up
feeling lost with a negative attitude?

If you woke up unhappy, talk to a positive person who can give you some
friendly advice. Every day you should have at least one thing to look forward
to. It can be anything. Find something that is a guarantee that your morning
will start off in a good way.

When I begin my day I can't wait to eat my potato chips, cashews, and
drink my hot tea. Yes, this is a normal breakfast for me. After that, I feel
like I'm ready to begin my day. The point is, you need to find something
that makes you look forward to a new day. Find a positive purpose for
each day. Maybe you could smile more than you normally do. You could
even decide to be less judgemental about yourself and others. Perhaps
you should switch jobs to feel happy. Whatever you do, make sure that it
is positive and it improves your mindset.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Low Self-Esteem Can Be Dangerous

It's getting harder and harder to watch TV, and to not hear about someone
that has hurt or killed a group of innocent people. Sure, some of them
may have been mentally ill, but some of them simply have low self-

Low self-esteem can push someone over the edge. In the past when my
self-esteem was low I felt hopeless and numb inside. If these feelings are
not eliminated they could lead to something tragic. Someone with this
level of sadness can sometimes have no conscience, and this is dangerous.

If you know someone with low self-esteem try your best to lift them up.
If you're the one with low self-esteem, you've got to find a way to lift
yourself up. Start by telling yourself you're as good as anyone else. Plus,
you are as important as anyone else. Also, I know you have strengths, so
focus on what you're good at. And, it's a good idea to talk to someone a-
bout the sadness that you're feeling. Eventually, you will feel better when
you find a way to focus on the positive, and by surrounding yourself with
positive people.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7 Ways to Simplify Your Life

1. Practice Patience 
    If you have time to be on your cellphone and watch hours of TV, you
    have time to be patient.

2. Control Your Reactions
    Keep in mind that when you're interacting with people you need to calm
    yourself down if you're someone that gets upset easily. The way you act
    could be the reason some people seem to treat you in a not so friendly

3. Abandon Your Fake Friend
    If you feel your friend is taking advantage of you that person is not a
    real friend.

4. Go Ahead and Get Something Over With That You've Been 
    This thing you need to do is just hanging over your head, and once you
    do what you need to do you will probably feel so much better.

5. Get Rid of at Least One Thing in Your Life That You Know Isn't
    Good For You 
    This could be a bad habit, an unhealthy food, a job you hate, or anything
    else that drains your joy.

6. Be an Optimistic Person
    Whether you believe it or not, the way you think greatly affects what
    happens to you. It also affects how people treat you. People can feel an
    optimistic vibe and a pessimistic one too.

7. Establish a Routine That Enables You to Start Your Day In a
    Positive Way
    If you're always late, try getting ready fifteen minutes earlier than you
    normally would. Also, if the internet or your cellphone is the problem,
    get ready first and then worry about looking at your electronics.